POISONBLACK: audio-intervista esclusiva per Musica Metal!

tarmo_kanerva_poisonblack_drums.jpg Torniamo a razzo dopo le vacanze con le grandi esclusive per Musica Metal: iniziamo con una intervista ai Poisonblack, band finlandese che con A Dead Heavy Day, in uscita il 29 Agosto, tocca nuove vette all'interno del panorama goth-metal.
Abbiamo intervistato il batterista Tarmo Kanerva via telefono, qui sotto potete sentire la nostra chiacchierata, mentre invece per la traduzione italiana cliccate qui - oppure consideratelo un esercizio di "listening comprehension", se dovete fare gli esami di riparazione di Settembre alle superiori, o se dovete sostenere gli esami di ammissione alle facoltà dell'università di lingue!
Buon ascolto!POISONBLACK - interview with Tarmo Kanerva

(push the "Play" button and the interview will start streaming!)

A few of the questions answered by Tarmo:

What should we know about "a dead heavy day"?

ville Laihiala has stated that once again this is one of his most personal works, with lyrics coming from his soul... how does it feel for you to help him put his soul into music, to see his soul naked for a song...

How much of your own personal soul do you put in this music?

You recorded the album in your hometown, how did that help you, going back home every night after recording, instead of staying out and partying all night in a foreign city and the such?

What's your relationship with your hometown? we always hear talk of bands from helsinki, so it's interesting to know something more of oulu rock city!

Did you have fun being followed by a videocamera while recording the album, and releasing some of those studio clips these days on the internet?

On the special edition of the cd, there will also be an acoustic set played on radio, how does your music translate to the acoustic treatment?

And talking about live shows, are you looking forward to the upcoming tour with dark tranquillity? how long will the tour be?

Do you have any memories of playing over here in italy with lacuna coil in their hometown? i remember you won many new fans on that show...

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