LACUNA COIL: video-intervista esclusiva, comprensiva d'ipnosi per comprare il nuovo cd, Shallow Life

lacunacoil2.jpgLa sempre ottima Arianna Ascione del blog Milano 2.0 ha incontrato ieri dei metallari milanesi doc, i Lacuna Coil, per una video-intervista che potete vedere qui sotto.
Il cantante Andrea Ferro e il batterista Cristiano 'Criz' Mozzati hanno parlato del nuovo disco Shallow Life, in uscita il 17 Aprile. Si parte proprio con una domanda molto semplice: "Cercate di convincere i lettori di Blogosfere a comperare il nuovo disco". La risposta di Criz è fenomenale!
Per vedere le nuove foto promozionali della band, ecco l'articolo di Arianna.

-an English translation of the chat-

Arianna Ascione / Blogosfere: Please try to convince our readers to buy your new album, Shallow Life!
Cristiano Mozzati: (-makes hypnotic face-) Right, this should work! You know, i'm bald, with a long beard, I may look like a guru! Jokes aside, you know what? [Shallow Life] is a solid rock record. If you like rock and it's many different sides, it's worth checking it out.
Andrea Ferro: There's some metal, some rock, some atmosphere, it's a bit dark but also quite varied in sound, so for people who are open-minded, it's an excellent record!

Arianna: We're in Milano right now, how is it to be back to your hometown, after having travelled the whole world on tour?
Andrea: When we're home, for us it feels like being on holiday! We don't have to "work" here, we can see friends, family, we can go out at night, go to some local restaurant... do the most "normal" things in a way! For us, being home feels special!

Arianna: What are your favourite places to hang out at, in Milano?
Andrea: I often go to the Rock'n'Roll club, where most of my old-time friends hang out at...
Cristiano: Then there's a ton of restaurants, other places to eat at... what you miss most when you're on tour, it's your hometown food!

Arianna: How's food on tour?
Cristiano: (makes a puking face) Ahaha, well, depends on the place you're playing at. If you order meat, you often end up eating something very good anywhere in the world, but if you try out ordering pasta, it's not exactly the same kind of pasta you eat here in Italy!
Andrea: By now, we know what we should and what we shouldn't eat in each country. Like, in America there's always some excellent sushi, pizza is so-so but edible, hamburgers and steaks are amazing, mexican food... there's always a wide choice. Whereas in Europe, at night, after a concert, the only food-serving places in every town are kebab shops, our only hope!
Cristiano: Mmm, kebab! I want one now!

Arianna: When you go out to places like the Rock'n'Roll club, do you stumble into fans? How is it like, to be just hanging around in a place you've been going to for ages, and finding someone who asks you for an autograph or the such?
Cristiano: Aw well, they ask for an autograph, they chat you up, if they're drunk they may be a bit loud, but we've always gone along well with our fans in Milano
Andrea: Everything is always cool, we've never ran into rabid fans who get into a frenzy seeing us at the Rock'n'Roll!

Arianna: How's the relationship with fans changed through the years?
Andrea: It hasn't changed in terms of quality, rather in terms of quantity: it happens more and more often to get recognized in places you would never imagine you'd be recognized, like at the supermarket or the such! Of course, unfortunately, you can't always pay the same attention to everyone all the time: if it happens to be spotted every now and then you can stop and have a little chat, but when it happens too many times a day, you have to try and be kind, but move on with what you were trying to do! Cristiano: We try never to snob our fans, we appreciate their support, but sometimes we just can't stop for hours and chat with everyone down the street.
Andrea: A funny happened at the Dubai airport, while we were going to Australia for our latest tour: a guy in the airport shop asked us if we were Lacuna Coil, and he was a guy from the Philippines! That was quite funny and unexpected, to find a Filipino fan at an aiport in the Arab Emirates!

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