JUDAS PRIEST: an interview with KK Downing (English Audio)

judas_priest_kk_downing.jpgHere's the 16-minute audio-interview conducted over the phone with guitarist K.K. Downing of Judas Priest, a few days before their Priest Feast show in Italy on March 10th, 2009. Press the green PLAY button and enjoy the stream!
Photos of the Priest Feast show at Milano can be seen clicking here.
The Italian translation/transcription of the interview can be read clicking here Some of the questions answered by KK:

How's the Priest Feast tour doing?

In the early nineties, when painkiller came out, you did an american tour with megadeth and testament actually. Do you feel like history is repeating itself right now, having all these three great bands playing together after almost 20 years?

And why pick these two bands, was it to re-live that old-time experience, or because there's no new bands appealing to you, or whatever?

Have you noticed ay difference in the bands relationships to each other, after so much time and after so many highs and lows in the sales charts and the such?

And what about the fans... has the judas priest fanbase evolved somehow?

It was announced that you'd play the whole Nostradamus cd on some select concerts in the close future... have you pinpointed some dates yet?

After almost one year from its release, can you feel that your audience has understood and appreciated the music and the concept of that cd?

I saw you keep a video blog on youtube, how do you approach keeping a diary like that?

When you started out, back in the middle Seventies, creating music was seen as something mysterious, music fans never knew that much about musicians, your albums would come out and took everyone by storm, whereas nowadays everything is documented on the internet, and indeed you have a video diary too. do you think the mystery of creating music has been lost this way, when if you try out a new song in a show, ten minutes later everyone can listen to it on youtube?

Could you tell me what was up with Rob putting a trademark on the term "Metal God"?

Now, i don't want to open an healing wound, but i wanted to ask you how you felt about being nominated for not one but two grammy awards, and then not getting away with neither?

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