QUEENSRYCHE: an interview with Geoff Tate - May 2009

queensryche_logo.jpg I'm proud to present you an audio-interview with Geoff Tate, songwriter and singer for Queensryche. The interviews mainly deals with the band's latest album, American Soldier, but I thought I'd offer you all a preview of the interview with one of the most intriguing news-stories that makes the rounds on the internet every now and then: the truth about The Three Tremors, the "supergroup" that would supposedly feature Geoff Tate, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson. Here's what Geoff had to say on the subject:

Musica Metal: On the internet every now and then, here and there, news about a long-lost project called "The Three Tremors" pops out. Is this project, supposedly featuring yourself, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, ever going to happen?

Geoff Tate: I've been asked that question many times, and I think Bruce and Rob have been asked that question many times as well! I'll tell you what the story was: years ago, must be ten years ago now, we were all touring together, Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Halford's solo project, and we had a day off and we all went out to dinner, and we went to an Italian restaurant, and we were sitting around drinking wine and telling road stories, and having a general good time. Rod Smallwood, who's the manager for Iron Maiden, asked out waiter what music was playing on the stereo system of the restaurant, and the waiter it was the famous opera singers, The Three Tenors. Rod thought that it was a joke, and he stood up with his glass and said 'I think we should make a record with Rob, with Bruce, and Geoff, and we should call it The Three Tremors' - and we all laughed and toasted, and that's as far as it went really, it was just dinner conversation. I think the next day it showed up on the internet, the rumour started, and so ever since, we've been asked that question!

Musica Metal: Well, everyone would love to see such a matchup of voices!

Geoff Tate: I think we should probably look into that, because we get so many requests! Now, go on, push the green PLAY button down here and enjoy the full interview!

Some of the questions answered by Geoff:

First of all, i'm curious to know why the album is called American Soldier - i mean, why just put the focus on the American point of view?

It seems to go against the common thought that no matter what side a soldier is on, a soldier is a soldier...

When you were talking with war veterans, what did you get out of their words... pride, horror, maybe some regret...

I am thinking mainly of the lyrics to "30,000 feet", which at a certain point go like "I'm the creator of this no man's land"...

Or even "The Killer", in which a man wonders who will win in the gunfight ahead...

How much do lyrics count on this album... and how much does music count? Which came first for the songs? Something you wanted to talk about, or a music mood that you thought would fit well some particular theme?

You made an interesting choice, picking your 10-year daughter Emily to sing along with you on "Home Again"... am i stretching my imagination too far in comparing what she says in her lines of the song, basically missing her dad at war, with what she might have said to you while you were away for months on tour?

and your father is giving his voice to the final song, "The Voice" and his lyrics are kind of saying goodbye to the world. was it hard to lend him such a role in the album?

Before American Soldier comes out, anyone with an internet connection knows a ton of stuff about it: we've had sample audio clips, podcasts, the lyrics have been published... do you think this kinda takes away a bit of the magic and mystery of going out and buying a new cd the day it comes out?

Another thing that everyone knew about as soon as it happened, was Mike Stone's decision to leave the band. Was it something you were aware of when you were recording the album?

The last time I talked with you, it was right before Operation Mindcrime 2 would come out, and you were talking about a movie to be made out of the two albums... is thee any update of it?

You've made your movie debut anyway in the meanwhile, playing a baddie in House of Eternity - how did you like that experience?

And talking about long-lost projects... I've read on the internet about something called The Three Tremors, which would unite you, Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. Is that ever going to happen? It would be good fun!

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