TRANSATLANTIC: an interview with Pete Trewavas (November 2009)

transatlantic_lineup_photo_2009.jpgTransatlantic, the progressive rock "supergroup" comprised of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Pete Trewavas (Marillion), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), have reunited after a 7 year hiatus, and The Whirlwind is the product of an intense recording session held in Nashville in April. Musica Metal has reached bassist/composer Pete Trewavas for an interview over the phone - you can listen to it by clicking the PLAY button in the box down here, to start the audio stream: A few of the questions answered by Pete Trewavas:


- I interviewed Mike Portnoy a few months ago and he told me that a Transatlantic project was under way, and then he said we should only thank God almighty if there's a new transatlantic cd, because probably it's God who told Neal Morse that it'd be right to make another one. What do you think of such a statement, is that a right way of putting it?

- Of course you've got your own successful band, but how did you feel, back then, when translatlantic was dismissed for a matter of religion?

- And how did you feel when you got the call asking if you'd be up for another album?

- When you got that call, how much of the album was already planned by Neil? How was the first meetup between you all, to check the direction of this new cd?

- On a musical level, what was the biggest challenge for you in the past months, coming up with material for the Transatlantic album, or stripping down your own songs for the Marillion album "Less Is More", where you play rearranged acoustic versions of older songs?

- An interesting thing is that the album's lenght is 77:56, which means you filled the physical cd to the fullest extent. How did you get to that precise lenght, though? How much editing, dropping of solos or stretching parts went on?

- Marillion's latest albums have all been published and distributed online, with no store retail, and it seemed to work as an option to distribute your albums. Transatlantic's new cd is coming out as a proper cd instead, did you actually discuss among you all if this should come out just as a digital release too?

- Is there any chance of seeing transatlantic live again?

... and many more, click on the PLAY button to listen to the whole chat!

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