AVANTASIA: an interview with Tobias Sammet (March 2010)

Musica Metal meets Tobias Sammet, German singer and mastermind behind the epic two Avantasia albums: 'Wicked Symphony' and 'Angel Of Babylon', out now for Nuclear Blast records. Press the play button and enjoy the interview!

Summary of questions:

00.00 - Getting busy with the press

00.50 - Wicked Symphony and Angel Of Babylon introduction

03.15 - Two epic albums!

05.15 - Gathering the special guests for the albums

06.40 - Album sales dropping... is this the end of an era?

11.45 - Doubles EPS vs Double Album

13.55 - Having fun composing new songs

16.15 - The quest to create the best song ever written in heavy metal

17.10 - Favourite song of the album

18.15 - Klaus Meine and Dying For An Angel

19.20 - Avantasia live in Italy in 2008: a flop!

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